All sorts of hack-job IT work goin on

So I'm Hubbin it up right now.. setting up an office server that will do filesharing at first, and then be an OpenBravo ERP/POS system server down the road.  For those not in the know, OpenBravo is an awesome product for small businesses that need solid point-of-sale software.  It's done very well with The Hub, and we'll eventually have two POSes networked via this new server - one for the retail counter and another for doing inventory and possibly to handle sales as well.  I also set up a new wireless router running DD-WRT which will improve network reliability.

Just heard that 510pen will be attending to the Allied Media Conference this year, and they want to help set up a mesh network in Detroit!  They seem to have a nice system figured out.  It's based on the ROBIN router firmware and this nifty little router that can even run with power-over-ethernet... so much fun!