Avoiding redundant joins in SQL ORMs

While working on Excellent Schools Detroit's school data API, I ran into an intersting set of problems relating to stacking database queries on top of one »

Batman-adv intro for Digital Stewards

Presentation: coming soon HOWTO »

Public key

This is my PGP public key: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux) mQMuBFSoSywRCACDIEN5ysXCjjqBODhu0W3UkLqK+bRf/SxBJvXnyvJh6ENVIAeK 1u/wTvCE2QUpVgT2JC+8cZI40NGhRX1m2s5D55U1F5MV9UQ7DmkyK0Kz9P95GVPB KXe25zR5iH9xHX1UQmLBfAAlCrXIFvQuHNFWSIU5kprtaVBypMqNSkQQEX1Kf/1t »

Long-distance relationships: hotter mesh

As the result of a recent career shift that I'll address in a future post, I've been able to get back into some wireless tinkering. It »

Trackpoint keyboards

After using an IBM T30 years ago, I've become accustomed to having a pointing device between my G-H-B. And until noticing a strange nub on my »

Minimal-ish Drupal hosting with Docker

tl;dr: Drupal Docker container with nginx, php5-fpm, and linked MariaDB A few years ago, when I first needed to deploy many Drupal sites, I wrote »